I will be placing Talalluah ( black veri- Burk dumbo) X FR River (Tan lighting blaze capp-strip dumbo). I am placing these 2 because there sweet and mello i hope there babys are just as sweet. Talalluah dose not have a ped but she is almost 1 year and is in great health :). River is a big squeshy boy who loves every one.
I will also be placing HR Lilli (siamese dumbo) X FR casper these 2 are being placed to get some more nice big dumbo ears like lilli to add to my siamese line. bolth parents are lovie and are a great start to my siamese line with dumbo ears :)
If your intrested in these 2 litters please contact me to be put on the waite list you will be able to pick your babies in order i get your request
Waite list so far:
We also still have a open waite list for Ese X Caspers litter so hurrry and reserve your lil one now before there all gone :)
Well I think thats thats all I have for updates today :)

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