Tallula X River's litter:  I will have 2 boys and 1 girl that will be available. i will be updating pics  of the babies soon :)
Snow X sleeply are expcting there first litter with in the week :) im expcting Black eye siamese and burmese out of these 2, this litter has all been spoken for so far.
Toree X Kenia are also to be parents this week :) i am hoping to see lighting blazes, wedge blaze, jester faced, possum face, verigated backs, top and dumbo ears mostly blacks the waite list is open for this litter :)
last night i placed Tinsle X Terence (black eyed white litter) and Toto X Cooper (Fawn and agouti litter)
So all in all theres a bit going on in the rattery. these will be my LAST litters untill  novembe!!

I'd be interested in a variegated and/or marked from Kenias litter. Just message me on facebook :-)


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