Tonight my beloved Frannie crossed over the bridge :( Now she can meat grandpa and take care of him XOXO I love and miss you bolth <3
The babys are now 8 days old and are doing good. We sadly did loose 1 little girl today. She was not growing and all 4 of her paws were badly swolen. iI tryed to hand feed her but her little body just could not pull through. On a happy note the other 13 babies are growing and looking cuter then ever :) i think we will see dumbos and top ear siamese and marked siamese. We might even have blue point siamese , only time will tell :) the waite list is still open for this litter so let me know if you are intrested in a beauty from this litter <3
I will be placing Talalluah ( black veri- Burk dumbo) X FR River (Tan lighting blaze capp-strip dumbo). I am placing these 2 because there sweet and mello i hope there babys are just as sweet. Talalluah dose not have a ped but she is almost 1 year and is in great health :). River is a big squeshy boy who loves every one.
I will also be placing HR Lilli (siamese dumbo) X FR casper these 2 are being placed to get some more nice big dumbo ears like lilli to add to my siamese line. bolth parents are lovie and are a great start to my siamese line with dumbo ears :)
If your intrested in these 2 litters please contact me to be put on the waite list you will be able to pick your babies in order i get your request
Waite list so far:
We also still have a open waite list for Ese X Caspers litter so hurrry and reserve your lil one now before there all gone :)
Well I think thats thats all I have for updates today :)
All babys and mommys are doing great :)
I updated some things on the site put pastlitter pics up for 2010, will some day get the 2009 and 2008 pics up dated :)

Today Si had a litter of 14. We did have 1 still born. Mommy is doing well. The wait list is open for this litter if you are intrested please email me you can find the contact form under co

Ese's babies are growing fast. They are 1 week old now. we have 2 boys 1 is a hairless, 6 girls and 3 of them are hairless. I totaly forgot that bolth parents were hairless cariers, so finding hairless babies was a huge suprise :)
Si my siamese girl is due any day. she is huge :) the dad is also a siamese so im hoping for some s
I have some baby news :) April 9 Ese gave birth to 8 healthy babies. It looks like she had 2 boys and 6 girls only 2 babies are top ear :) all the babies are dark in color so no siamese in this litter :(  .
 I Finly finished puting in info for all my boys and girls :) i will be working on my past litters now. my computer crashed so i did loose a bunch of my baby pics :(  but i will do my best to get this finished lol
Sweetie did not make it through  her labor last night, Sadly we have lost a great mommy and a wonderful friend. She will be greatly missed but never forgotten. my heart has ben aching all day but i know realise she is in the best place she could be taking care of her little angels * <:3  )~~ RIP my Sweetie Pie I will always love you XOXO
Playing with the babies, boy there active lil bugers. Zooom And there off :-D
Every day they seem to get more amazing, there colors are so cool looking, there fur is longer then normal but no were near as long as a harley. I will be looking into what fur type they are.
Sweetie Pie is in labor i hope all goes well and we have healthy lil beans to watch grow :)
Schotch's babies eyes are open. there starting to drink out of the water bottle and snacking on moms food :)