~ PRICES / Adoption Requirements ~



Standard ear:
 $10 for 1
 + $5 for additional rats example 2 for 15

Black eye whites:
$ 20 for 1
+ $10 additional rats
example 2 for $30

 $15 for 1
+5 for additional rats
example 2 for $20

Black eye siamese:
$20 for 1
+ $10 for additional rats
example 2 for $30 

Breeder fee: $5 per rat


Two or More

I only sell my babies in same sex pairs. ratties are very social and thrive in groups of 2 or more rats. If you do have a rat/rats all ready at home  you may purchase 1 but needs to be the same sex .
I am  a rattie lover I grew up around them and always had them as pets. I decided to breed to better
TEMPERAMENTS:  Pet shop babies are not held and played with they just sit in a tiny cage until its time to be sold. I hold my little ones every day from birth they do not leave the rattery until 5-6 weeks of age to insure they are sweet little loves
 HEALTH: I want a healthy rattie that will not be sick at the time of purchase. my ratties are not bred constantly, I give my moms long breaks between litters to give her time to recover from the last litter.
COLOR: I'm currently working on Siamese in blue point and seal point. My goals for this line is to darken there points to a show quality look. I am also dabbling in black eyed whites and fawns. 


Pick Up Time

At the time of pick up please bring your caring cage, and exact amount of the rats as I don't always have change. Please do NOT visit any pet stores before coming to get your new baby, because pet shop rats could have an air born sickness that could make my rats very sick or cause death.
My prices are not for me to make a profit. All money from adopters goes back into the rattery for food, toys, cages, and vet care. Running a rattery takes a lot of time and money to insure you get a healthy happy baby to add to your family.