Frannie of FR
Sex: Doe
DOB: 11-2007
Color: Black hooded
Fur: standard
Ears: Standard
Eyes: Black
Breeder: Pet shop
Status: Retired breeder
The day I brought her home
Frannie story started in 2008 when was  my grandpa Frances passed away. I was very close to him he helped me raise many different animals ( Birds, mice, cats, berzialian mouse opossum, tons of fish, and rats). Rats were our passion :) well after grandpa passed I went into a pet shop just to look around, wile looking around this little rat ran on my foot, I reached down to pick this tinny creature up. She was so calm in my arms I fell in love and took her home. I felt it was my grandpa telling me to get back into doing what I love. Frannie is named after my grandpa and so is my rattery :) I will always love and miss my grandpa very much XOXO