~ About Me ~

Hello all rattie lovers,
My name is Jen. I am an animal LOVER. I am owned by 2 labs Aspen is a 4 year old black beauty. she is a mommas girl. May 5 2009 she had a litter of 8 pups and i fell head over heals in love with a fatty fat yellow boy. I kept him and named him Moose LOL. 2 hamsters also have crawled into my heart bella a white and tinker a mink.  I was never big into hamsters until my friend gave me  bella. She was so sweet and calm. Ratties are defiantly the holders of my heart. With out them in my life i would be lost. whether I breed them or not i will always have them in my home :) I am hoping to soon start school to become a vet tech.

A bit on how the rattery got its name

Frannie story started in 2008 when was  my grandpa Frances passed away. I was very close to him he helped me raise many different animals ( Birds, mice, cats, Brazilian mouse opossum, tons of fish, and rats). Rats were our passion :) well after grandpa passed I went into a pet shop just to look around, wile looking around this little rat ran on my foot, I reached down to pick this tinny creature up. She was so calm in my arms I fell in love and took her home. I felt it was my grandpa telling me to get back into doing what I love. Frannie is named after my grandpa and so is my rattery :) I will always love and miss my grandpa very much XOXO .


Nadia ( Frannies Daughter )
Frannie ( Shes what started it all. )